Headlamp Restoration


Why Headlamp Restoration?

Headlamp restoration not only enhances the overall look of your vehicle, but it will also increase your level of safety.  Not only will it provide you with greater visibility, but it also keeps you and other drivers safer, since you can be seen better by them. 

What causes my Headlamps to become discolored or cloudy?

Headlamps usually become discolored or cloudy because they are oxidized due to environmental factors like UV exposure from the sun, chemicals, acid rain, pollution, harsh detergents, dirt, and debris. 

Today’s headlamps are made of a porous thermoplastic (called polycarbonate). When manufactured, these headlamps are sealed with a UV-resistant coating that protects them from the elements. However, over time, that protective layer gets eroded/damaged and the headlamps become oxidized (discolored). A headlamp restoration service returns the headlamps to their original clarity and adds a new protective layer to prevent future oxidation.

What are the benefits of Headlamp Restoration?

  • Price – A headlamp restoration service provides all of the benefits of replacement for only a fraction of the cost. New headlamps can be very costly and cumbersome to install
  • Visibility – A headlamp restoration service can increase your ability to see at night by up to 40%
  • Safety – Clear headlamps make it easier for other drivers and pedestrians to see your vehicle at night... and a clearer view of the road ahead of you
  • Appearance – Clear headlamps make your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing and helps to maintain its overall value

Do I need to take it to your shop?

Absolutely not. Our prompt, professional mobile service comes to you.  Wherever is most convenient for you - at work, at home, anywhere.